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Nkombe Rhino was founded in 2010 by South African native and Rugby professional Joe Pietersen and his brother Willem.

They spent their childhood surrounded by the most biodiversity and variety of wild spaces, daily access to explore and had “the privilege of being exposed to nature from a young age, giving us the opportunity to form an opinion early and impact nature in our way.”

Nkombe Rhino is an organisation that started out focusing on protecting Rhinos by helping anti-poaching units, veterinarians and helicopter pilots with the aim to “pool resources through sustainable partnerships to better impact the conservation realm as a collective unit of like minded organisations”

“With the momentum that came with growing, we have been able to focus on various endangered species and communities on the borders of game reserves"

By supporting conservationists on the ground, the knock on effect has been a positive contribution to the survival of many protected species.

Nkombe Rhino Projects

Rhino Conservation

Nkombe Rhino is giving direct support to Rhinos by providing resources for various projects like dehorning, relocation, ear notching and foot collar for data collection.

Water for the Elephants

Due to climate change and Human-Wildlife conflict, Elephants in Botswana have been suffering from the lack of water availability. Nkombe Rhino is providing water points through restoring boreholes in strategic locations and therefore assists in alleviating pressure on relationships with local communities and elephants.

Wild Dog Protection

Wild dogs are South Africa's most endangered carnivore due to range expansion, human wildlife conflict and snaring. Nkombe Rhino is involved in providing darts and collars to monitor and rescue these endangered animals.

Anti-poaching Support

Nkombe rhino sources and provides the best equipment for anti-poaching units, as well as contribute to the building of 'fit units' to support the safety and efficiency of these men, risking their lives in the field every day.


They work actively on the Human-Wildlife conflict, by trying to create a beneficial environment for sustainable projects in reserves adjacent communities, experiencing socio-economic issues.

With the “Feeding the Wildlife Conservation" project during the COVID-19 Lockdown, they provided over 230 000 meals to the wildlife communities and the thousands of people who have lost their jobs, leaving them in a food insecurity crisis. They also used this opportunity to engage and discuss human-wildlife conflict and prevent bushmeat poaching.


Nkombe Africa is offering a combo safari and conservation package to give their guests the ability to experience all that wildlife has to offer, as well as getting a hands-on view on what it takes to keep wildlife sustainability available: 

“Our connection to tourism gave us access to people who were interested in not only the romantic side of Africa, but caring for the natural heritage, and we needed a platform to channel these people through.”

Other sponsorship

They are involved in many other conservation related projects with various partners on different aspects: they sponsor emergency flying hours for last minute reactions to protect endangered species, they provided a drone to assist with monitoring elephant movements and vulture nesting sites and population monitoring etc.

Support them with our Nkombe Rhino Bracelet

“Conservation is all about people, we are the only negative impact on our natural environment.” - Joe Pietersen

Representing both White and Black species of Rhino, this white bead bracelet is designed with Howlite beads and Lava Stone features with steel accents.

50% is donated to the Nkombe Rhino from the sale of each rhino bracelet.

“Your contribution gives us the opportunity to directly impact the people on the ground, the ones responsible for keeping our rhinos safe, it will go to food and needed equipment to keep rhino protection going.” - Joe Pietersen