Sizing Guide

How do I choose the right size?

Sizes are based on the bracelet circumference (measuring around the length of the bracelet).

SMALL    - 7" (178mm approx.)
MEDIUM - 8" (203mm approx.)
LARGE    - 9" (228mm approx.)

Measure your wrist where you want to wear your bracelets using a flexible tape measure, or make on a mark on a piece of paper wrapped around your wrist. Measure it not too tight, not too loose.

Then measure that paper length against a ruler to find out how many inches or cm it is. This is the circumference of your wrist.

Example: My wrist at its thinnest measures 6” so I wear a size 7”.  Anything smaller can get uncomfortably snug and I also wear several bracelets so the width of my wrist increases as they move up my arm.  I comfortably wear several stacks in size 7”. This also allows for the width of the beads themselves as well.

How to measure your wristHow to measure your wristHow to measure your wrist