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Also known as Scaly Anteater, very little is known about this strange looking mammal covered in scales like a reptile, the Pangolin.

However, the pangolin is sadly the most trafficked mammal in the world and deserves spotlight!

Here, we have compiled 5 facts about these remarkable animals.

1. Pangolins scales are made of Keratin

It’s the only mammal in the world fully covered with protective keratin scales, the protein that also makes up hair, nails and rhino horns. They account for up to 20% of its entire weight.⁣

2. Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world! 

It’s estimated that 1 Pangolin is taken from the wild every 5 minutes!

They are in huge demand for their body parts and scales for bushmeat, medicinal purposes and superstitious value in Africa, China and Vietnam.

3. Pangolins don't have teeth

Instead, they have a thick, strong and sticky tongue, longer than their bodies and head combined, that they use to catch food.

4. The word "pangolin" means “one that rolls up"

It originated from the Malay word "penggulung". When threatened, a pangolin will curl itself into a tight ball, which is impenetrable to predators.

5. Pangolins eat ants and termites

These nocturnal animals are actually quite picky with their choice of species and they will spend hours foraging from mound to mound which they dig open with their powerful front claws.

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