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Founded by Zoha Jung Nambiar in 2018, The Backwater Sanctuary is a non-profit, committed to the successful rehabilitation of horses, ponies & donkeys suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect in India.

Collaborating with teams of equine vets and various experts, The Backwater Sanctuary is giving them the best care possible and try to ensure that …

Every animal that comes their way has a fighting chance

Photos: Carina Maiwald


  • Medical care: BWS provides the medical treatment needed as well as vaccinations, deworming, dental care, grooming and farrier work.

  • Nutrition: Carefully considered feeding schedules and nutrition plans are accompanied with supplements calculated on weight and condition.

  • Socialization: BWS makes sure to choose every equines paddock placement to improve their social interactions, crucial in successful rehabilitation.

  • Alternative healing practices: They are collaborating with Divine Nature Horses to provide alternative healing methods to Equines including: Equine Craniosacral therapy, Reiki and Homeopathy.

Over the last year, The Backwater Sanctuary has successfully helped rescue and rehabilitated 40 equines all across South India.

Photos: Carina Maiwald


If you have a real passion for equines and want to contribute directly to their impressive work, The Backwater Sanctuary offers volunteer opportunities for a once in a lifetime experience!

You will learn about the individual rescues and help take care of the animals with a variety of tasks including:

  • Washing the animals 

  • Cleaning and dressing wounds

  • Daily grooming sessions

  • Feeding

  • Exercising 

Depending on your skills, you might also be able to help with some handy work such as landscaping, fencing, general upkeep and painting or contribute to increase public awareness of the level of abuse of equines in India by building outreach, marketing and fundraising.

Most importantly, you will get to spend time with and loving these gorgeous creatures

Photos: Carina Maiwald

Rescue Story: Tsavo

It was very difficult for us to choose just one of the many beautiful rescue stories by The Backwater Sanctuary, so we decided to share the very first one, which inspired the foundation of The Backwater Sanctuary: Tsavo's story

Photos: Carina Maiwald

Tsavo is a thoroughbred ex-racehorse who, like many others, retired prematurely after an injury, thus facing a dark fate: being put down or abandoned.

Tsavo joined The Backwater Sanctuary in a heart breaking condition, after first being placed in a local riding school. He was found  in a state of extreme neglect, suffering from malnutrition, several injuries and a bacterial skin disease.

It took a lot of time, care and love for him to recover and become the happy horse he is today, enjoying the life he deserves at the sanctuary.

Photos: Carina Maiwald

Now Tsavo is “brilliantly healthy with a beautiful shining coat and a matching personality”.

Read more about The Backwater Sanctuary rescue stories here!


Backwater Sanctuary Bracelet

Our gorgeous bracelet supporting The Backwater Sanctuary is made of Obsidian (also known as Dragon’s glass), a natural, volcanic glass accompanied by a gorgeous custom designed horseshoe charm. 

The Backwater Sanctuary receives 50% from every sale!

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