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Most people know that the iconic Polar Bear is “Vulnerable”, mainly threatened by climate change. But there's a lot more to learn about this magnificent creature.

Here are 5 facts you might not know about the icy giant.

1. Polar Bears are Marine mammals

Out of all the bears in the world (there are eight) the Polar Bear is the only one considered a marine mammal As they depend on the ocean for their food and habitat.

2. Polar Bears are the largest land carnivore

Adult polar Bears can measure over 2.5m long and weigh around 680kg. ⁣

Their huge size and weight make them the largest four-legged predator on Earth.

3. Polar Bears have an incredible sense of smell

Polar Bears sense of smell is so advanced, they can detect seals almost a kilometre away and nearly a metre below compacted snow.

4. Polar Bears are not white

Their skin is completely black and their fur translucent, and only appears white because it reflects visible light. It helps them soak up the Sun’s rays and keep warm.

5. Babies Polar Bears only leave their dens after 5 months

Female polar bears give birth to their cubs in snow dens from which they emerge only 4 to 5 months later. Like that, these vulnerable babies are protected from the harsh Arctic environment.