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While lions are widely known as the ‘King of the jungle’ Tigers are the true kings of the jungles across Asia.

Here are 5 fascinating facts about these keystone predators!

1. Tigers are the largest cat species

Reaching up to an impressive 3.3 metres (11 feet) in length and weighing as much as 300kg (660 pounds) make tigers the largest species of cat in the world and the 3rd largest land carnivore!

2. Tiger are great swimmers

Unlike most feline animals, tigers are fantastic swimmers, being able to swim distances exceeding 5km! It is not uncommon for tigers to cool down with a leisurely swim on a hot summer’s day.

3. Tigers are stalk and ambush hunters

Tigers rely heavily on their camouflage when hunting, they lie in wait slowly creeping towards their prey until they are close enough to pounce. However, due to their large size and their prey’s agility, they are only successful on about 10% of their hunts.

4. Tigers are super-moms

After a gestation period just over three months, they give birth (on average) to two to three blind and helpless cubs. The female is the sole provider for them until they reach independence at about two years of age.

5. Tigers can be white

On extremely rare occasions, tigers can be born white with black stripes! This is not a separate subspecies nor are they albino, it is the result of a recessive gene that is found in both parents and affects the pigmentation. They are known as ‘leucistic’ tigers.


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