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Our big, beautiful blue! Today we celebrate you.

It’s World Ocean Day and considering we live on the Blue Planet, this should be one of the most important days of the year. 

Just as we celebrate our terrestrial wildlife, we love our oceanic organisms and the habitats that support life under the sea. Our Aussie-African background makes us equal parts beach-bum and bushman, so when it comes to World Ocean Day,  we are as passionate about the work being done for our seas as we are about the people who protect life on land. 

We are incredibly proud and honoured to know and support the work of the Vatuvara Foundation through our jewellery line, and this World Ocean Day we would like nothing more than to give you the opportunity to get to know them and support them too! 

The Vatuvara Foundation is committed to protecting and reviving oceans in Northern Lau, Fiji, through a network of marine protected areas and providing innovative solutions that promote awareness and empower local communities.


If you purchase our adjustable two-strand turtle bracelet with beautiful aquamarine stones and turtle charm, you are directly contributing to the amazing ocean work of this foundation.

We will donate 50% of what you pay directly to our friends at Vatuvara, so thank you. 

Happy World Ocean Day! Take a few minutes to think about the fact that about 80% of the oceans are unchartered, unexplored, and unobserved! The vastness of the underwater wilderness is astounding and it is so full of life. Life that needs and deserves our respect and our attention. 

Supporting the Vatuvara Foundation is one way you can make a difference from your home, and wearing your turtle bracelet will act as a reminder of the contribution you have made.

Look good, feel good, and #WearYourKarma! 



Written by Chloe Cooper

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