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Coral reefs are known to have the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet. The survival of coral reefs are vital for a healthy and safe ocean, now more than ever. Vatuvara Foundation is committed to conserving and reviving the health of our ocean. 

Our coral restoration team is made up of nine passionate and driven young women and men dedicated to protecting their reefs in Fiji’s northern Lau group. The past year, the team has expanded our growing coral nurseries, out planted coral fragments to damaged reef areas and conducted regular monitoring and educational awareness sessions. 

Our hope is that through coral restoration work, our island homes and reefs will be able to withstand and build resilience to climate change impacts.

By Vatuvara Foundation

Learn More about Vatuvara's Coral Reef project  by reading their blog: Coral Restoration in Northern Lau for a Healthy and Safe Ocean, written by Tyler Rae Chung, Vatuvara Foundation’s Marine Scientist

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With each purchase of the Vatuvara Foundation bracelets, not only will you receive two beautiful pieces of jewelry, but you will also play an important role in supporting conservation projects in Fiji.

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