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In South Africa rhinos are being killed at an unprecedented rate for their horns, Nkombe Rhino started on the frontline protection of Rhinos in the early 2000’s and have since branded out to various other endangered and threatened species

By supporting conservation on the ground, from Anti poaching units to veterinarians and helicopter pilots, the knock on effect has been a positive contribution to the survival of many protected species.


“Dehorning projects have become a priority to protect the Rhino population. By removing the horn, we increase the animal survival drastically.” Joe Pietersen, Co-founder

Handled by professionals, the responsible dehorning of a rhino requires a dedicated team, passionate about saving the lives of as many rhinos as possible.

Have a closer look at what it takes to protect rhinos!

Video shot by Naude Heunis from BTS Nature

Support Nkombe Rhino 

With each purchase of the Nkombe Rhino bracelets, not only will you receive a meaningful and beautiful piece of jewellery, but you will also play an important role in saving endangered African wildlife populations.

This bracelet, made with Howlite and Lava Stone, represents both the black and white rhino species. With this awesome colour combination, 50% of the purchase price will benefit the Nkombe Rhino organization!