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In our effort to live a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, we can’t forget the impact made by shopping for eco-friendly gifts.

Here are 6 reasons to consider eco-friendly gifts that will give you loads of karma points (with the recipient and the earth!).


1. Sustainability

Shopping sustainable means you will invest in gifts that last. This might mean you invest a little bit more up front but generate cost-savings for the gift recipient—or for you. For example, investing in a stainless steel hot or cold beverage container means spending less on wasteful plastic water bottles. It might mean bringing your coffee with, or at least putting your café coffee in your reusable container-opposed to the disposable paper cup. Reusable water bottles are an easy example, but also look for gifts made from natural elements such as stone, wood, metals, and natural fibres.


2. Healthier Gifts

We never want the gifts we give to harm the ones we love which is why it’s important to shop consciously. This means looking for brands that provide high quality and luxurious alternatives. This could be an essential oil perfume instead of chemically-packed department store perfumes. Soy or beeswax candles instead of toxic paraffin. Organic cotton and bamboo clothing and accessories instead of clothing fibres sourced from high-pesticide crops.


3. Socially Responsible Gifts

There are many factors that make a gift eco-friendly, including gifts that give back. This might include a brand who donates a portion of their proceeds to conservation efforts and other green initiatives. This includes Wild In Africa! Our environmentally conscious bracelets support wildlife conservation.





4. Recycled And Up-cycled

Even major brands are searching for ways to utilize recycled and up-cycled goods. This includes tennis shoes and clothing made partially from recycled water bottles. Bags and backpacks made from recycled polyester. Children’s toys made from recycled milk jugs. Furniture, art and accessories made from up-cycled household items—that would typically end up in the trash.




5. Less Waste

Product processing, shipping, handling and packaging are all factors that eco-friendly brands are conscious of—and transparent about. As a consumer you must consider all of the factors. Your shopping and gifts may be a mix of locally made items, but this certainly doesn’t mean that online shopping or exported goods are out. You can still enjoy the diverse selection of gifts by ensuring you shop from a conscious brand. This includes shopping fair-trade retailers who help keep ancient arts and crafts alive, while generating liveable wages for poor communities around the globe. It also means shopping online from artists and brands who utilize green processing and ship in recyclable packaging. 


6. Unique Gifts

One of the most exciting things about shopping for eco-friendly gifts is that you are less likely to purchase mass produced items and more likely to find unique and memorable gifts. Yes, many green brands produce items that are consistent—but when it comes to art and jewellery made from natural materials each item will vary slightly. 



At Wild In Africa we keep our carbon footprint low by shipping our stylish accessories in reusable cloth bags and use paper shipping packaging.

Last but not least, we empower you and your gift recipients to #WearYourKarma® by donating 50% of the purchase price from our charity bracelets to wildlife conservation!


 Written by Joanne Silatei

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