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“Leopard are probably one of the most secretive and elusive animal and they can be very difficult to spot in the wild. That’s why we decided to compile 5 remarkable facts you might not know about them.”

1. Leopard are solitary

Each leopard has its own, large territory and spend most of their time alone. Males and females territories tend to overlap but they only tolerate intrusion to mate.


Photo: Shannon Wild

2. Leopard are amazing climbers

Incredibly agile and strong, they can drag heavy prey up into the trees, away from other predators. They also like to rest high in the branches during the day. 



3. Leopard are nocturnal

Spending most of their day resting, they become active at night and venture out in search for food.

4. Leopard have incredibly developed senses 

Including the capacity to hear five times better than humans and they can see seven times better in the dark.


5. Leopard can be black

Often referred to as a "Black Panther", it’s actually a name given to melanistic leopard throughout Asia, including India (melanistic Jaguar in South America are also referred to as black panthers). It's an increase in melanin, the pigment that causes the fur to be black.

If you're interested in learning more about Black Panthers and you're in the US or Canada, be sure to check out Shannon’s tour dates for 2020/2021 for National Geographic as she speaks about her experiences filming this melanistic leopard in India for Nat Geo Wild.

Photo: Shannon Wild


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