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Mongooses are adorable furry creatures.

Here are 5 facts you might not know about them!


1. Mongooses can kill venomous snakes

Mongooses can kill snakes, including one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth - the dreaded King cobra. 

First, their speed and agility helps them avoid the snake fangs and launch quick attacks. 

But some species also have a resistance to neurotoxic snake venom, allowing them to keep fighting even after receiving a bite that would kill most animals their size. They are not immune to the venom, but have special mutations in their nervous system and the neurotoxin is less effective.


2. Mongooses “stink”

Many mongoose species have a very strong, unpleasant smell due to secretions from its anal glands.


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3. Some mongoose can dive

They can be semiaquatic, proving adept in the water as they hunt fish, crabs, and other aquatic prey. 

The marsh mongoose is an excellent swimmer that can dive for 15 seconds at a time while hunting.


4. Most mongoose species are highly social

They can live in busy groups of 6 to 40 individuals in a cooperative society where each member of the pack has a specific job and subsequent duties: hunters, baby sitters...

In this system, older or infirmed members and youngsters are often nurtured by the entire pack. 


5. Mongooses are an invasive species in Hawaii

Mongooses were brought to Hawaii by sugar cane farmers to try to control the rat population. However, they have since caused damages to  some of the native and endangered bird and turtle populations and have become a real problem in Hawaii. 


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