Welcome to Wild In Africa®’s Media Kit! We want to share how our brand works by providing you with information to make our collaborations easy.

Our bracelets are socially and environmentally conscious and help to support animals and habitats throughout Africa, Asia and beyond.


Our Logo

Here you will find variations of our logo to suit any situation. Click 'Our Logo' above to view a folder containing downloadable files. Our logo is a registered trademark and cannot be changed or used without permission.



Founder Profile

Our founder is National Geographic filmmaker and photographer, Shannon Wild. Click 'Founder Profile' to learn more about how she started Wild In Africa® after a near death experience while on assignment in Kenya.

“I knew early on that if I was going to sell these bracelets then I wanted to give back to wildlife conservation and more specifically, organisations that I had personally worked with in the field and witnessed make a positive difference for animals in need.”

"It wasn’t a conscious decision to start a business and just a few years ago I would have never have guessed I’d have a jewellery line! But fate, in the form of severe sickness, stepped in."

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Shannon Wild, National Geographic Filmmaker and founder of Wild In Africa® bracelets for wildlife




We are an e-commerce business based in South Africa, where our founder, Shannon Wild moved to from Australia in 2013.



Social Media

Here are our social media profiles. We are most active in Instagram and utilise our tagline as our main hashtag #WearYourKarma

Instagram: @shannonwildjewellery

Hashtags: #WearYourKarma #WildInAfrica #ShannonWildJewellery #ShannonWild






Product Images

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We only collaborate with charities that our founder, Shannon Wild, has personal experience working with in the field so you can feel confident of their integrity. These hard working organisations make an incredible difference in the field to wildlife and their precious habitats and we're so proud to be able to support them through the sale of our bracelets by donating a massive 50% of the purchase price.


Click on 'Charities' above to learn more about each organisation we collaborate with including their profile, logos, images of their work in the field and images of our custom design bracelet.

 Wild In Africa® Bracelets for Wildlife Charities


The Backwater Sanctuary

A non-profit committed to the successful rehabilitation of horses, ponies & donkeys suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect, and providing them a safe home for retirement.


Invictus K9

Canine training and advisory for the war on wildlife crime and homeland security. 


Nkombe Rhino

A South African non profit organisation that focuses on the protection of endangered species in Southern Africa.


Wild Tomorrow Fund

Is dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival.


Rhino Rescue Project

Mission is to offer a sustainable, cost-effective defensive strategy to protect rhinos in South Africa and elsewhere from poaching.


Zambian Carnivore Programme

Conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems they reside in through science, action, and local leadership.


Vatuvara Foundation

Is committed to protect and revive oceans in Northern Lau through a network of marine protected areas and provide innovative solutions that promote awareness and empower local communities.


Saving The Survivors

Treats the endangered wild animals that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic events.


Southern Ground Hornbills

Mabula Ground Hornbill & APNR Ground Hornbill Projects goals include reversing the decline of the Southern Ground-hornbill in South Africa through collaboration with local communities, collaborators, and stakeholders with the intention of being a world-class conservation program.


Pangolin Preservation

Pangolin Preservation cares for and rehabilitates pangolins rescued from the illegal poaching trade – to release them back into the wild.

Pangolins are the world’s most illegally trafficked animal – poached for both traditional African medicines, known as muthi, as well as rapidly escalating demand by Asian markets for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Pangolin scales and rhino horn are both made of keratin - the same as human toenails.


The Adventures of Pili

The Adventures of Pili's mission is to create books and educational products that increase children’s awareness of global environmental issues and foster multi-lingual literacy.

The core message is environmental conservation and sustainability, tackling the concepts of cultural diversity and empowerment, global readiness and peace, entrepreneurship and climate change.




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Ad Copy


Wild In Africa® donate 50% of the purchase price from their charity bracelets so you can #WearYourKarma® and make a real contribution to wildlife conservation.



Handmade bracelets supporting conservation projects founder Shannon Wild works with as a National Geographic filmmaker and photographer.



Bracelets that make a real contribution to wildlife conservation so you can  #WearYourKarma®Founded by National Geographic filmmaker Shannon Wild.



Handmade bracelets designed by Shannon Wild, supporting conservation projects she's worked with as a National Geographic filmmaker and photographer.



PR Talking Points

  • Created by Shannon Wild, National Geographic filmmaker in May of 2017.
  • Wild In Africa® currently partners with various charities that our founder has personal experience working with in the field to provide funding to wildlife and habitat conservation all over the world.
  • 50% of the purchase price of our charity bracelets are donated directly to our partner charities.
  • Handmade bracelets are created from eco & socially conscious materials that are keepsake quality and come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Wild In Africa® bracelets for wildlife was started and is run by the aforementioned entrepreneur Shannon Wild, who is a self-taught, self-made woman, originally from Australia.
  • After moving to South Africa, Shannon survived collapsing in a remote area frequented by lions, being mauled by a cheetah, and many other perilous situations through her ongoing career as a National Geographic filmmaker.




We have created several articles about Wild in Africa® and how it was founded to give you insight into who we are and how we came to be, from various relevant angles.













Click on 'FAQs' to learn the answers to many of the questions we receive about our bracelets including bracelet care, how and where they're made, shipping options, how to choose the correct size, sustainability and much.



Our Colours

Orange is our dominant colour, and green our supporting colour. Please observe these accurately.


ORANGE #CA521A RGB  202, 82, 26 CMYK  0%, 59%, 87%, 21%
GREEN #3F5E2D RGB  63, 94, 45 CMYK  33%, 0%, 52%, 63%





Our Tagline

We empower you to #WearYourKarma® by donating 50% of the purchase price from our charity bracelets to wildlife conservation! 

Our tagline #WearYourKarma® is a registered trademark and cannot be changed or used without permission.




Our Fonts

'Rubik' is our dominant font, and 'Opulent' and 'Shorelines Script' are our supporting fonts. You can download these fonts by clicking on the links below.






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