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Chakra Stack

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    Stay mindful of your energy centres with this stunning elastic beaded bracelet stack representing each Chakra. 'Chakra' is the Sanskrit word for wheel, which means the wheel of energy in the body. The chakra covers the seven centres of energy in the body the crown of the body down to the root/base of the body.


    🤲🏽 Handmade in limited quantities. 

    📿 5-6mm beads on elastic thread.

    🛠 1 year replacement warranty.

    🌿 Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

    🐾 Free sticker pack with every order.

    👜 Comes in a keepsake bag.*

    💫 #WearYourKarma


    STONE INFO … 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤

    CROWN CHAKRA: Amethyst occurs in volcanic rocks in large geodes. Since the first discoveries amethyst has been found in a number of locations. High-quality amethyst was first discovered in Zambia in the 1950s. Amethyst is believed to promote calm, balance, peace, and patience. (Crown = top of head)

    THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Lapis lazuli is a symbol of wisdom and truth. Its deep blue metamorphic rock that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. During the Renaissance, Lapis was ground and processed to make the pigment ultramarine for use in frescoes and oil painting. This stone encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression, and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality to the personality. (Third eye = forehead)

    THROAT CHAKRA: Blue Spotted Jasper is a gorgeous mottled blue and airy white bead. It's known as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation.

    HEART CHAKRA: African Jade is a semi-precious gemstone that varies in its shades of green. It is actually composed of opaque Green Garnet. African Jade is thought to be a gemstone of general healing and for improving relaxation.

    SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Red Jasper is a beautiful rich deep vibrant red-colored stone with flecks of dark gray (from hematite iron inclusions). It is believed to increase motivation and energy along with a sense of stability. (Solar plexus = navel)

    SACRAL CHAKRA: South African Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. Also called tiger eye, is a chatoyant gemstone. Chatoyance is an optical phenomenon in which a band of reflected light, known as a "cat's-eye" moves just beneath the surface. Tiger’s Eye is believed to aid in promoting harmony and balance and helps to relieve anxiety. (Sacral = pelvic area)

    ROOT CHAKRA: Obsidian, also known as Dragon’s Glass, is a natural, volcanic glass. Obsidian is produced when lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. Obsidian Stone is believed to be a psychic protection stone that will help to shield you against negativity. (Root = feet)


    *To keep our environmental footprint small we package these 6 bracelets into 1 jewellery bag. If you require additional bags let us know in the comments section during checkout.

    NOTE: As a natural product stones vary in colour and pattern and may differ from the photographs shown.