How do I choose the right size?

SML - 7" / 18cm

MED - 8" / 20cm

LGE - 9" / 22cm

Measure your wrist where you want to wear your bracelets using a flexible tape measure, or make on a mark on a piece of paper wrapped around your wrist.

Measure it not too tight, not too loose.

Then measure that paper length against a ruler to find out how many inches or cm it is. This is the circumference of your wrist.

My wrist at it’s thinest measures 6” so I wear a size 7”.  Anything smaller can get uncomfortably snug and I also wear several bracelets so the width of my wrist increases as they move up my arm.  I comfortably wear several stacks in size 7”.


Do you offer international shipping?


Flat Rate $6 - 4-5 weeks non-trackable.

We also offer this shipping method for free on orders over US$45.

DHL Courier $40 - 7-10 days trackable.


Courier $6 - up to 7 days, trackable.


How long will my order take to arrive?

We are a small company based in South Africa. Orders are packaged and sent once per week and international orders generally arrive in 4-5 weeks but can sometimes take 6+ weeks depending on your location.

For international orders we also offer a DHL option which should arrive in 7-10 days once marked as shipped.

All local South African orders are shipped via courier and usually arrive within a few days after shipping.

We really appreciate your patience as we work hard to reduce these shipping times.

My order is marked as pending, what does that mean?

When you place an order it goes into our system as pending. This simply means we are packing your order in preparation for shipping. We ship items once per week and once shipped your order is marked as complete in our system and you will receive a shipment email.

If you choose the DHL shipping method, or your address is within South Africa, you will receive a tracking number in this email so you can track your order.

All flat rate shipping orders (including free shipping on orders over $45) do not have tracking data.

What if my order has not arrived after 6 weeks?

We are working hard to improve shipping times and options and are in a better position to do this as we grow our small business. Some orders, for unknown reasons, are taking over 6 weeks to arrive. Not having a tracking method understandably makes this very frustrating for both you and us. Our customers really are incredible (thank you!) and we really appreciate your patience. The longest some orders have taken is around 12 weeks (just putting it out there so you’re prepared) but they do turn up. Pop us an email if your order is approaching this time frame and hasn’t turned up so we can decide what to do next. If your order hasn’t arrived after 12 weeks let us know and we will resend it to you via DHL at our own expense.

What if my order has not arrived after 6 weeks?

Usually orders are delivered with no customs fees. However, on rare occasions, we do have some customers that incur fees. We have no way of knowing when or if customs fees will be charged in advance. In these rare cases, pop us an email with a copy of your customs fee receipt and we’ll cover it!

How do I care for my bracelets?

We recommend rolling your stretch bracelet on and off your wrist to avoid over-stretching or potential breakage.

Semi-precious stones vary by nature making each bracelet completely unique. 

Brass will naturally tarnish and patina over time due to exposure to the elements and your skin, I LOVE this natural aging as a unique characteristic and it's one of the reasons why I love using brass. We also use stainless steel.

Avoid contact with water and other liquids such as perfumes for wooden bracelets. All other bracelets are completely waterproof and I rarely remove mine.

Use a new, clean brush and warm, soapy water to softly clean them. Lay on a towel to dry.

What material is the bracelet made out of?

We use a selection of carefully sourced semi-precious stones, metals including brass and stainless steel and woods and cord.

Are the bracelets and packaging eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being socially and environmentally conscious and the quality of our bracelets mean they will be a keepsake, not a disposable piece. Our packaging is also reusable and recyclable.

Is the bracelet waterproof/resistant?

While our stone and metal bracelets can absolutely be worn in the shower or while swimming (our founder Shannon rarely takes hers off), be aware that the metal components, especially the brass will tarnish and patina … we actually love the rustic look of this but if you don’t, it’s best to avoid any liquids including perfumes and moisturisers as this will void your warranty.

Wooden bracelets definitely should not be allowed to get wet as they may swell and break.

What do I do if my bracelet broke?

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our bracelets! If your bracelet breaks, please contact us through our contact submission form here. Please be prepared to send us your first and last name, shipping address, order number, and a picture of your damaged bracelet. 

Can I return my bracelet?

We accepts returns of faulty or broken orders.  If you ordered the wrong size, please contact us through our contact submission form here and return your bracelet so we can replace it with the size you want.  The cost of returning the bracelet is the responsibility of the customer, however we will cover the cost of resending the replacement.  We will need to receive your return before a replacement can be sent. Unfortunately we do not accept returns of you change your mind.

Can I purchase any of Shannon Wild’s prints?

So glad you asked! Well yes, you certainly can … check them out here on our PRINTS page.

You can also learn more about Shannon over at shannonwild.com