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Wild Tomorrow Fund is dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival. We want to ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible.

We work on the ground in southern Africa and our vision is for a world in which wildlife habitats are expanded and protected, and where existing reserves have the resources needed to keep their animals safe. 

“We are super thankful to Shannon for choosing us as a conservation partner that benefits from her jewelry sales. So far her donations have helped us to protect wild habitat at threat of destruction, pay for anti-poaching ranger uniforms, and provide food for orphaned baby rhinos.”

John & Wendy - Wild Tomorrow Fund

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Invictus K9 has established and improved specialized canine units in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, the DRC & South Africa.

These units use working dogs to track suspected poachers, as well as search for the presence of illegal wildlife products and firearms.

Programs specializes in canine solutions for law enforcement, wildlife protection, anti-poaching, anti-trafficking, & counter terrorism operations.

“We are so grateful for the contribution that Shannon Wild’s jewellery (Wild In Africa) has made towards our program. With the funds she raised in 2018 we will provide much needed equipment to our dog teams that work tirelessly to stop poachers from killing elephants, rhino, pangolin and many other endangered species. With this support we can be much more effective in our efforts against wildlife crime! Thanks, Shannon.”

Jay & Michael - Invictus K9

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Conserving large carnivores and the ecosystems they reside in through science, action and local leadership. ZCP contribute on a regional and continental level, to the conservation plans for lion, wild dog, leopard, cheetah and hyena.

Our conservation actions address the immediate threats to species and ecosystems as identified by our conservation science. We collaborate with an array of local partners to help ensure that threats are addressed through initiatives ranging from supporting anti-poaching and wildlife crime prevention, to connectivity, land-use planning, species reintroductions, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and disease mitigation.



Rhinos are being killed at an unprecedented rate for their horns. Nkombe Rhino’s dedicated Anti-poaching Unit (APU) is at the heart of our focus and conservation efforts and the Nkombe ethos.

Their core vision is to consistently support skilled teams on the ground. These men face dangerous situations each day as the poaching pandemic has become a ‘war-zone’ - the frontline of conservation is where the members of the APU risk their lives on a daily basis trying to protect and conserve natural heritage in South Africa - whilst being exposed to hostile conditions and the elements each day.