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By Wild Tomorrow Fund

Do you feel concerned, anxious, or overwhelmed by climate change and the loss of our planet’s wildlife? While so many people care deeply and want to help, the enormity of today’s environmental challenges can feel dispiriting and disempowering.

Our new partnership with Climate Ride is a fun, active way to take action while on an amazing adventure with people who care as much as you do about our planet. Learn more about Climate Ride’s trips and how to sign up in our latest blog below.

Our planet is facing a dual, interlinked crisis: climate change and biodiversity loss. With 1 million species facing extinction, and the planet heating up and closing in on irreversible tipping points, the time is now to take action. It’s an amazing moment in history where our generation is able to turn this ship around, to protect and restore our planet and stabilize the climate. But it is going to take all of us, working in many different ways, across industries, issues and active effort. That’s why we are so excited to now be a part of  Climate Ride.

Climate Ride, also a 501c3 US charity, empowers participants to actively engage in the fight against climate change by joining their bicycling, hiking, running, and other events to fundraise for the organizations they value most - which now includes Wild Tomorrow Fund as a beneficiary charity! To date, Climate Ride has raised over $7 million for climate, clean energy, wildlife, national parks and bicycle advocacy grantees.

But wait, there’s more!

Thanks to an incredible $2.5 million matching donation this year from the Algorand Foundation, every single donation will be matched 100% (until the $2.5 million match is met!). So don’t delay! Check out the rides, and sign up for a trip. From national parks in the US to Spain, Japan and beyond, there’s a climate ride, hike or run for everyone! We ask that you choose Wild Tomorrow Fund as a beneficiary when you register for one of the events. Click on the button below to see the full schedule of events for 2022.

For a special trip this September, join Wild Tomorrow Fund’s founders in the first Wild Tomorrow Fund team Climate Ride upstate (closer to Canada!) in Chautaqua New York.  


September 16-18, 2022 

Join Wild Tomorrow Fund’s co-founders John & Wendy Steward for our first team Climate Ride at Green Fondo NYC!

This weekend event takes place at the Chautauqua Institution, a non-profit, 750-acre community on Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York. Chautauqua is a community of artists and thinkers dedicated to exploring the best in humanity, and part of that is their effort to address climate change. Cyclists can overnight, enjoy food and drink and meet new friends and thought leaders.

Take a weekend to pedal for the planet in this beautiful part of New York and be part of creating a positive impact for the future.

Some more facts at a glance:

  • Climate Ride has raised over $7 million for climate, clean energy, wildlife, national parks and bicycle/pedestrian advocacy grantees
  • On average, a participant reaches out to more than 200 people about climate and sustainability
  • 30% of Climate Ride participants are 30 years old or younger
  • Climate Ride participants are a diverse group from 47 states and 12 countries

How does a Climate Ride work?

Climate Ride offers a wide array of amazing pre-organized trips that take you for an adventure of a lifetime, hiking, biking and running with a team - all passionate about the environment and making a personal difference, like you. Trips are offered in a wide array of locations each year, from national parks in the US to Spain, Japan and beyond. There’s a climate ride, hike or run for everyone! Or you can design your own, and captain a team.

Each trip has a registration fee, and all participants commit to raising a required fundraising minimum to participate in the event. This fundraising commitment covers all the costs of your trip - from accommodation, to nutritious meals (including vegetarian and vegan options), guides, bike mechanics, nightly events with engaging speakers, fundraising and logistical support - and of course, a grant to your favourite environmental charity (ie Wild Tomorrow Fund)! Read more in the general FAQs.

Together, we get active and take action for the planet. See you on a Climate Ride soon!

“We are all feeling concerned, anxious, or overwhelmed by climate change. The threats to our world are numerous and growing more complex each day. While so many people care deeply and want to help address the problem, the enormity of the challenge and the political tone around climate change can feel dispiriting and disempowering. Climate Ride offers you a way to make a difference while building new friendships and connections with a global network of outdoor advocates.”


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