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We support a select group of dedicated wildlife charities.

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Help save wildlife

By purchasing one of our unisex bracelets you are helping to protect wildlife and their precious habitats.  We couldn’t do it without you - thank you so much! xox

50% (you read that right!) is donated from each charity bracelet sold to carefully selected groups of wildlife conservation organisations that founder, Shannon Wild has worked directly with. This ensures funds are directly used for the benefit of wildlife through projects such as land acquisition and restoration, wildlife rehabilitation, anti-poaching and educational programs.


Conserving nature

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 An African Elephant, Loxodonta africana, walking away into bush with streams of golden light.

100% Handmade

Each bracelet has been carefully designed by founder Shannon Wild.  We pride ourself on their exceptional quality and durability. Our bracelets utilise beautiful natural woods, semi-precious gemstones and metals and are all inspired by the raw beauty of nature and wildlife from all over the world.

A word from our founder

Throughout my travels as a wildlife photographer and filmmaker I've been inspired by many cultures.  It didn't take long for my multi-cultural stacks of bracelets to became one of my trademarks and it motivated me to create my own line of handmade, unisex bracelets to share with you and give back to nature.

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